Zombie art

I was persuaded by a entrepreneur of geek merchandise to come on-board with him and create packaging graphics for his edible Zombie premium confection.  But as these things often turn out, this project was dropped, so now I'm left with a bunch of tasty artwork like this Zombie Virus wrapper concept -
Made it by first mixing a small amount of black ink and dish-washing liquid in a cup of water, then blowing into this mix using a drinking straw, I spilled out bubbles onto a sheet of paper, and proppa messy I got too.  After drying off, I scanned the best results into photoshop where I played with colour, filters and layers until I got what you see!  Reckon it'll make a pretty cool desktop image for your laptop, don't you think.  The next concept wrapper Zombie Living Dead began its life from the many doodlings I did, then worked up -
This is me working (..up the sketch) -

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