Folk on Driftwood

I gave myself a week to come up with a narrative series of illustrations intended Rustic style for Magazine Editorial in mind -
Done with sunburning days to spare
... ready on your commission!  

Redraw Vintage New

Vintage style redraw and repurposed for Client friend's Home Business Postcard, and a Dishcloth image-tile pattern as repeatable background for website - 

A fun job done.
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Danger Will Robinson

Got inspired to draw Aliens, them Greys to be specific, when I heard news about latest evidence released by the Pentagon of UFO footage from U.S fighter jets.  I reckon its all a conspiracy by them Shape Shifting Lizard People Incorporated freaking us simple earth folk so we stay captivated and jumpy like hot buttered Popcorn.  Anyway, Tinfoil is still in shops and affordable, good news for those panicky Zachary Smith types.

btw, Never mind that 'Anchient Aliens' on the tv trash, I've done my research and produced my first blurry mpeg but good audio quality mashup/remix of radio interviews by a top Pentagon Terrorist. Working title: 'Canary in the UFO Coalmine' pop out to
(you might want to put tinfoil on you're shoppinglist!).

the PDF Slideshow

A straightforward Slideshow for viewing PDF docs, free and simple.  Dunno why it never occured to me before now.  Anyway I'm back on the freelancing charm offensive for new work.  Anyone still around I wonder?

Dark designs

So I done 3 fullpage illustrations + cover art for entry to Heart of Darkness book competition, I didn't win of course but now have revamped the project with a view to developing it further into a Graphic Novel, perhaps will present my proposal on Patreon or Kickstarter or maybe Indiegogo for Crowdfunding.

My reading of Conrad’s dark tale is as a thought provoking Ripping Yarn.  Considering he wrote the book in the late 1890s from his own serialized reports produced for popular magazines who's readers were hungry for news and adventures about unexplored regions of the world and mysteries deep within the dark continent of Africa.

1, Marlow learns of the kind of driven man this rogue Kurtz is, when he's told of Kurtz's return journey up river immediately after dropping off yet another record breaking load of Ivory ...

'I seemed to see Kurtz for the first time.'

2, Marlow's knackered Paddle Steamer under attack by those godless Savages as it navigates the treacherous snags in the Congo's fast flowing river currents ...

'Arrows, by Jove! We were being shot at!'

3, Eventually the Steamer arrives at the Inner-Station where Marlow encounters the sick Kurtz crawling through the long grass while the Savages get increasingly more restless ...

'I came apon him, and, if he had not heard me coming, I would have fallen over him too.'

Here's a cropped detail - 

See more with extra sketches at my Behance gallery page
Here's a downloadable PDF (2.7MB)


LED Icons

It's about time I shed some light on a batch of vecter icon graphics I produced for local LED Lighting supplier's website.  Here's a sampling of total 15 icons made using Adobe Illustrator -

Icon Graphics
LightfootLED Director asked me to provide website icons for his new range of lighting that would compliments the existing range.  I was given reference photos to draw from and the website provided a guide to colour and style.

My thanks to Andy Whales of My Talking Drum for the initial contact.

2 bookcovers

Local Author wanted ebook cover art for his absorbing story.  After reading his manuscript about two girls daring plot to assassinate Hitler, there's one scene in a Berlin coffee shop where they like to go for chocolate cake after their college classes. It set the scene so then I thought Hopper's painting will be a good reference image to base my artwork on -
Chop Suey by Edward Hopper
Chop Suey by Edward Hopper
My sketch was approved and then I completed the artwork with the book's title -

2nd book.  The girls have grown and they're now in india uncovering shocking secrets that will hasen the end of British Rule -

finished art; 1600 x 2400 pixels required to match 6x9 ratio served up for popular ereader tablets.

Off-season Greetings

Irish actor Colm Meaney character study inspired by the movie Alan Partridge: Alpha Papa.
It's a situation-comedy in which he co-starred as sacked radio DJ Pat Farrell who bear's a very understandable grudge against large corporate take-overs and a shotgun siege ensues at the local station.  The final comic chase sequence goes off the deep end at Cromer Pier on the north Norfolk seaside coast @ #BrokenBritain
I imagined this artwork for no better reason than it's still January! then I read somewhere that the movie boosted tourism in the area.
Maybe then I ought to cash-in by re purposing my artwork with a different strapline like 'Hey Siege face!' or 'Your text here' or 'Army Surplus Farmers Greetings' ???

..comments welcome!

Science poster2017

The brief for the Brighton Science Festival poster took the form of a brainstorming session over a coffee with its Director: Richard Robinson. ''I want to see lots of steam,'' he said.  ''Uh?,'' I interrupted as I hadn't quite cottoned on yet.  He continued, ''...because the theme will be around the S.T.E.A.M educational subjects - Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Maths'' ...and possibly to do a picture like Heath Robinson's style, his Incredible Contraptions, ''would be great''.  And he also insisted I needn't bother myself with the info layout as he will do that himself - over my artwork!  Later next day I showed him a couple of loose concepts with a follow-up chat on the phone.  He preferred that I develop the boiler idea -
Was only after seeing Richard's entertainingly scatological school workshops on youtube that I got busy on surrealist ideas.  You can see RenĂ© Magritte's: 'Time Transfixed' (train in a fireplace) and my nod to Giorgio de Chirico's compositions, though unresolved here due to final art deadline brought forward unexpectedly by one week!  Important early on was to establish the poster's 'local' context, done by including the Brighton Pavilion's iconic onion domes on the boiler with the new i360 viewing tower as its chimney.  Not least I had in mind a visually appealing rougher artwork style.  I kept him updated with 5 or 6 roughs to show daily progress -
''More steam please jim,'' he said (I am but a tool.)  Here's the result -
And here's some detail portions -
Done? well, Richard phoned saying, ''...need the photoshop file right-away!''  So I provided the file next morning with the steam puffs on separate layers for him to easily flower-arrange layouts and crop to the various proportions as required dimensions for magazine small-ads.
Can only wonder how my artwork will look(?)