Crypt Roundup

Mucking about in adobe's AfterEffects and Audition (not to mention photoshop and illustrator) since the newyear.  It's now Mad March and the Daffs are up, and am done with cabin fever.  Here's the results:

Two Animation Shorts

Stoneheads (sketches from this blog's header) bopping along timed near as damn it to Rocking duck by Johnny and The Hurricanes -

This animation does what it says on the cardboard cassette tape, my remixed audio muckabout telling amusing anecdote plus a Cuckoo! -

Reckon am done with self motivated ideas for now, better you commission me to illustrate your next big thing, chat me up before Mad March turns to April and I go chain my face to some railings :)

Gifs 4 squares

Random animated gifs
I'm playing with photoshop's Frames animator thing to establish a workflow

These little graphics were originally part of a commissioned set of fun vector icons for printed sticker-sheets.

What better way to show them off! 

The PDFs Crypt

Open a pdf doc!..

Displaying a variety of illustration and graphic styles I do, some reflect the particular client's expectations, some bread'n'butter work and some, well, let's say Whatever floats y'boat stylewise.

Frog Story

My illustrated retelling of the classic joke guaranteed to put kids from ages 3 to 103 into a total giggle fit when you tell it like the Wide Mouth Frog tells it.  Click the image pops out the full monty as a pdf doc! - 
PDF doc complete kiddy-book read!

Utales invited me to create on their ebook platform way back in 2010 (now defunct).
Writing and Illustrating took me about 5 weeks.  I uploaded the artwork and formatted the words and font - which layout was rather limited back then.  Anyway here's a few of my favourite spreads -


Runner Up again!

My design for The Warren's 2020 festival brochure -

Their full Brief here but in short they wanted something bold, colourful that
conveys the festy's spirit, and also include a depiction of their entrance signage.  So I consulted that internet for inspiration to come up with the artwork.  Here's some close-ups -

It's vector art with an overlay pixel-image of grit-texture manipulated so looks blockprinted in a subtle way, well that's the effect I was aiming for.

Also made a Local-Map intended for their inside back page.  Though wasn't part of the Brief, was anyway the opportunity to show-off me skills -

The Map started life as screengrabbed google-map sections stitched together in photoshop for use as template for tracing over streets in adobe's Illustrator program, then brought that back into ph' for texturing-up and skewing the angle and adding the venue's location as indicated by their bunny logo popping out of its burrow!

Turnaround time was 2 weeks for both pics - as I only sighted their tweet announcing the call for submissions prior to deadline then.  Well, my presentation pdf was their Runner-Up!  Not for the first time, I was their runner-up for the commission last year too! which is Nice but adds up to 1600 fictional quid abducted by aliens.  There y'go.


Other news
I've bolstered my Wiredsussex Profile since they revamped their platform so please check me out there! 

Human Cannonball Freak

Rebrand callout answered with my proposal for the Brighton Fringe Festival brochure cover.  The Brief's objectives called for a design to include the theme Dive In and a 12 colour-code to distinguish the 12 types of venue/page-sections, and a flourish added to existing title logo, and that it must be all vector artwork -

I didn't get the callback I was banking on but hey maybe the marketing team might just pickup on my layout and well, in any case will have to wait till January's campaign reveal for my warm fuzzy feeling.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

More recently, just last week in fact, I submitted this alternative film poster, see in context here with comments which makes for some interesting conversation about artistic license.

Anyway was the needed motivation to sort out me photoshop brushes.  Still it needs some atmospheric fog and the guard on the left needs a ground shadow, and maybe drop in a UFO, dunno, I haven't seen the movie.  Maybe I should, Bruce Dern plays the Icecream vanman.  Oh yeah! 

Film Poster

Here's a thing!
If you fancy the idea of designing film posters for prizes then check my tweet -

My tweet refers to FREAKS (a Horror/Scifi/Mystery flick premiering now at London's FrightFest) and before you ask, no i haven't a clue what this movie's about or whether 'not-of-this-Earth' Aliens feature at all, a bit of a mystery to everyone else too apparently, Freaks too I shouldn't wonder.

2 Sliders

Watch my life's work whizz by!
I have just discovered a Slideshow Player with knobs on.  Here's 2 presentations set to autoflick so you can sit back while reviewing my client jobs + the roughs!.. 

Yup, I'll be composting more eyecandy Flickies just because I got heaving drawers stuffed with very different chest-beating graphic styles that could use slicker presentation (packaging is content is it not).  Only you can stall my unrelenting progress by immediately enquiring into my availability for your project so let's chat and see what's possible!

Counting Chickens

Not every day a commission comes via my instagram.  The client liked one of my poster artworks there and asked if I'd do a 'Fox & Hen' similar in style to his sample -
My initial response was to show my terms and ask for fifty quid upfront starting fee with the remaining payable when he's happy with my resulting artwork - shown as a low resolution image.  The client replied with deposit and a couple of sketches of his own indicating more of his intentions, so i set to work showing these roughs for approval -
Then I did a colour rough which he was delighted with so I did his A2-poster and showed it, he made final payment and so I sent it.  Rarely does a commission go as smoothly, I really could o' counted my chickens before they hatched (pun intended).

---  ---  ---
In other news.  Another new client in as many months and a commission to provide vector art for animated music video. This job came via a responder to my occasional Newsletter!  Can't divulge more at this time, very hush hush.

So now with 2 happy clients catered, i'm back to resolving my blog's backend video player's coding, to replace it with a js-player that's an independent free alternative to google's terraform option, that'll show 'em eh!

Pub Booze update

My Campaign Poster to keep Brighton's GREAT EASTERN pub open.
Every campaign needs a face so left to my own devices I drew on Isambard Kingdom Brunel, the Victorian Engineer in a very tall tophat who built the biggest ever steampunking Paddle Steamer from which this thinkingman's pub takes its name. 

If there's still any worthy causes then it has to be 'Keep it Local and the Planet will take care of itself' and while I'm on one, Hire my Graphic Designing Service why not!  My design uses 4 print-colours so is good-to-go screenprinting with a 5th white ink base colour option if needed, Tshirt anyone?!

--- Update! --- 
Short animation of photoshop layers timed to the tune of 2001 Space Odyssey as squawked by the Portsmouth Sinfonia circa mid 1970s.  I'm still learning but if play's blurry its due to youtube's player so please set 'Quality 1080HD'.  Enjoy -