A spicy hot one.  The brief was in a design competition project.  It stipulated a design needed for its outer tube, already defined as a practical, re-closable 'stick of dynamite' with a fuse which draws attention at the point-of-sale from those less imaginative sausage products.  The idea needed to be unusual yet appetizing and important that the consumer (mainly male) perceives the sausage as a high-class premium alternative with the claim: "The first sausage that bites back".  The German food company's logo 'Dynamite' needed to be dropped into the design artwork.  Here's my concept with logo in white - 

Also needed were designs for its two sachets of chili-mustard dips -

The sausage casing itself was optional to the project's requirements but anyway could not resist a stab at that too -

And finally my finished renderings with a serving suggestion -
And the Winner is ...nuf said.


  1. Kevin Sarmiento NavarroOctober 24, 2010 6:55 pm

    Hi Jim, I think you did great on that contest, so please keep the ideas flowing, sure soon your ideas will not let them to win always. Best regards, Kevin

  2. Thanks for commenting! Kevin, and your support.
    Sure I'll be back but after the current rating period of voting is settled tomorrow on the Smarties competition - so i might better understand the platform's 'wacky' system of voting and my creative efforts within it.
    Looking forward to competing there with you soon, and all the best of luck with your current ideas there.


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