Science Poster update

... to my previous posting about my idea for the Brighton Science Festival's Poster.  It's Director liked and so, with one final push over the top, here it is -
Versions of it also appear on the front cover and inside their brochure here: flick through the online brochure! - it's stuffed with all kinds of events during it's 2 week run.  Here's my artworkings gone into visualizing the theme marking the centenary of World War One -


  1. Fly. Fly my beauty. Fly like an eagle.

  2. I got an email from the coordinator of Brighton's Science Festival in which she said, ''..Just getting in touch to say a huge thank you from all of our team for the magnificent artwork you gave us for the festival publicity. There were many comments made by the public about how excellent the artwork was. I passed on your website details to a few people too when they enquired so they could check out more of your work.''



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