its Archy & Tex !

Two comic charactors of my own creation that featured bi-monthly on the back page of The Right Angle ( architecture magazine now defunct. ) The editor \ proprietor gave me full rain to invent the script, simply throwing me a loose theme to chew on for the forthcoming issue. This 'Fast Supper' appeared in the Jan \ Feb AD2000 issue for which i conjured up a story placing Archy & Tex at a time - AD1 of Jesus during the Roman occupation, and taking my inspiration from Montypython's Life of Brian. Click on the comic for a good read ...
That publication was my last foray doing comics on a regular basis which numbered about 8 features in total. I've done others too, sometime before i did 'Justin Gibbs and his massive fibs' in full colour for Look In ( IPC weekly kids mag' defunct ) and also i was the first artist doing 'Moody DJ' for SELECT ( music, lifestyle mag'. ) But then the eviction notice arrived at my squat so i duely handed in my last gig and decanted to Australia - which is another blog. Suffice to say that when i returned a year later ( 1994 ) the Accountants had taken over the world and i bought my first computer.

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  1. Moody DJ is one of the best strips ever!


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