Global financial crisis

Inspiration for this Fat Cat Stock Trader came while listening on the radio about the current economic depression' being potentially more serious than the crash of the 1920's. Apparently my super-safe triple 'A' junk billions are being re-securitized into a new financial instrument.  Its all exotic voodoo futures to me as I'm a very time-rich freelancer so have the luxury to wisely spend my valuable time keeping an eye on contemporary illustration trends and have noticed it's getting decidedly painterly in style and vogue.  So, not to be out-classed, I thought I would dash off this fine example.  Here's a close-up section, click it to see all 100% resolution -
Time spent working-up this portrait took me just 2 days and I consider it a 'self promo' piece.  Should you want my art like this done for your project needs then contact me via my webfolio:

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