Saucy Seaside Postcard

I saw posted on the local web... Illustrator wanted for cartoon, to produce characters to represent the gay community 'By The Seaside' in a slapstick manner, the theme is to be that of the 1950's cheeky postcards, 12 charactors are needed, which then have to be combined into 4 illustrations, the finished art should be supplied as layered illustrator eps files, and that the price quoted needs to include sale of copyright.  A sketch was also suggested at this initial stage of a Drag queen licking an Ice-cream cone that is melting down her arm with a seagull just about to swoop down and eat the entire ice-cream.  I accepted the challenge and produced this sample as required -
Great effort, thanks! ...was the response, but seems my quoted price was too steep on this job, it's for the 'Gay Pride' charity organization and the maximum we'd pay is about £400, they said.  Damn Pink £?%T@X# = chumpchange! I thought.  So being as it was, a warm sunny and barmy afternoon, i went for a gloriously idyllic ride on my bike to fuckin' Devil's Dyke and shouted at some sheep.


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