Brighton and Mars actually

Reckon nearly finished working up this event poster, just the date needed (see previous posting).  Below is the pic that spawned idea to place the Brighton Dome on this experimental habitat.  Quite in keeping with the science festival's 2016 theme of JOURNEYS.  As you see i replaced the decals for something er.. more appropriate to my liking and made a martian backdrop to plonk this typically British Effort.  Added a few incidental bits and the lensflare then left the building backwards.  For the time being anyway, though some say it's a one way trip.

Dome for Mars

The next Brighton Science Festival in 2016 has a theme already.  Richard Robinson (Director) said ''for the poster, think 'JOURNEYS' - to Mars, Pluto, Deep sea vents, Life, DNA and all points between.''  Here's my mockup, just an idea so far -
I've learned that closer to the time, Richard gets increasingly busier organising this mammoth annual event and that the poster's dates are liable to change just before going to Press.  For last year's poster I suggested improving the font to look more suitably up-to-date-tech, less like Jazz-era style.  I don't create installable fonts for typing but I could make some rendered lettering supplied as psd layers (he so does like to posses my psd doc file with its layers 'editable' and handy for his own photoshopping of the various publicity ads).  This possibility filled Richard with a warm fuzzy glow.  So I tasked myself then to render the whole of his favourite font, nipping off the serif bits and rounding off corner bits ..blah till eventually all individual letters, numbers and set wordings looked about right - Which didn't prevent Richard defaulting back to typing text using his favourite font all over my lovely artwork last year.
Now this will be my 3rd poster artwork for this fab event, will its Director trust me with the launch button?  Lets see how we go ..!

Infomaticus PDF

 I answered an ad calling for an Illustrator who could produce isometric vector artwork of a factory floor.  'Please send examples you've done', it said.  Well, any opportunity to show-off my scars, so I dusted off some old backup CDs and pulled whatever looked remotely isometric then arranged the pics over 9 pages of my newest PDF: infomatics-djim.pdf (download size: 3.3MB), in it you'll see my CV and blurb, well worth keeping and sharing amongst your Commissioning Art Director chums!

Will know more in a week or so if I'll be Gridding this Area-51 of my Creative Outputs any time soonish.

Look up ...
 Watch the Pies ..!

Charactors vector ilos

Just completed illustrating festival-going folk for (name undeclarable at present) tourist board -  

 I was asked by their marketing peeps if I could provide 8 Personas as vector illustrations soon as possible, in about a week?  Yup, reckon it's doable, I said.  I then received the brief describing 5 couples, 2 family groups and 1 group of mates.  Rather more work than I anticipated time for additional detailing like shading and highlights.  Anyway I ploughed straight in with an urgently needed example (Appy Glampers) to get approval to proceed, then on with pencil roughs of the other 7, there was much exchange of emailing roughs before vectoring the outline and colouring.  17 days later everyone was very happy with the result. 

Vector icons

Been some time since I tended to my blogging new illustrations but will rectify situation with a bit of a flurry of posts now that I have the new pc hardwired and settled in.  Have though done some illustrating since which I look forward to showing as soon as permitions are granted.  For now though I'd like to present a bunch of sticker icons that I did for a local marketing company who pitched them to a paper manufacturer - 

Well exqueese me!  As it urned out, everyone caught the Austerity bug and so this job just didn't fly.  Got my cancellation fee about a year later.  So I'm left with a bunch of 20 Vector icons.  They can be very easily repurposed, maybe I'll stick 'em on a clip-art site, maybe not.  One or two of these would, I think, look neat on t-shirts or on the tail fin of Boeng's new 767-9 Dreamliner.  Maybe even on mugs!?

Science Festy 2015

Poster-artwork done, just leave out the dates, as was asked for by Richard Robinson (Director of the Brighton Science Festival) who wanted my photoshop file before he sends onto the printer and to muck about with its layered visual elements for his own ideas (which just keep coming!) -

There was no specific theme for this year (unlike last year's poster marking the centenery of WW1).  Just show me your thoughts, Richard said, and no clip-art stuff but do make it generally appealing to grown-ups as well.  Tough call, what with 'Science' being a broad-church chunk of human interest and all.  So I wondered aimlessly like into google, eventually I settled on ''flat earth'' yealding these two pics on which I based the poster's theme -
From 'THERE BE DRAGONS!'  to next stop, Mars.
After completing the festival's various publicity ads, I couldn't resist doing an extra cartoon on the hot debate surrounding the highly secretive Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership (TTIP) after Richard suggestion about a teaspoon (?!)  I wait to see if he might squeeze this into the events brochure -


And I never knew about a race of unipedal hopping folk in lands off the medieval-mind map -
Apparantly they would use their single big foot to shelter from the rain! -
Well, I won't be dining out on this charity funded project any time soon, time to hoppit to pastures new.

WAR bookcover

Ebook cover for WHEN ANGELS RISE

ebook cover artwork
Local Author Bryan D'Paul asked me to provide the cover image for his absorbing story.  Set firmly in 1932 Berlin, it's about two 17 year old lesbian lovers plot to assassinate Hitler and his Nazi hierarchy at the Lustgarten speech rally using the awesome destructive fire power of a long-range machine cannon firing 20mm exploding shells.  Bryan emailed extracts of his story and I got busy sketching and googling for image references until I happened on this painting -
Chop Suey by Edward Hopper
Chop Suey by Edward Hopper
Hopper's coffeeshop had the right feel about it for one scene in Bryan's story where the girls like to go for chocolate cake after college classes studying the Greek Classics.  I sent it over to Bryan in an email explaining my intention.  He liked the idea so then I did a sketch onto which I overlaid 3 versions of the title lettering in different font styles and colours to show.  He liked this (Minion font in green) best -
ebook rough cover art
After colouring I sent over 2 versions, one using same palette as the Hopper painting and the other with a sepia hue overlay (Layer fill colour: #bc6600 / Mode: Vivid Light at 24%, as shown top) lending the image an old paperback look.  Still, plenty of time yet for Bryan to come to a decision (he btw said ''Excellent! ...'') as to which he prefers because his manuscript is at the proof-reading stage now.  Once that's done, I will send over the finished size (1600 x 2400 px required to match proportion of 6x9 ratio served up for popular ereader tablets).  UPDATE !.. Bryan prefers sepia knocked back a little so here's a close-up portion of that -
ebook cover detail

[When the ebook is available I will add a link to it here! ]. 


Alan Johnson

I was handed, on a plate, the fabulous opportunity to do a live drawing of Rt Hon Alan Johnson MP while he spoke to the party faithful at a Labour fundraiser in the swanky Phoenix Palace Restaurant in London NW1.  It was a situation far outside my usual comfort zone anyway but when he got up to speak, I faced having no good point of view amongst the crowded tables other than stare straight up into his nostrils.
I found Alan to be a thoroughly nice chap so opted to downplay this exaggerated angle and pushed to finish it after he'd exited stage front when he added his signature.  Moments later my drawing was auctioned to a happy Bidder who's portrait I also added while my Assistant Christine won a bottle of bubbly!
Man on the Left !

Heart of Darkness

My Heart of Darkness book (by Joseph Conrad) fully illustrated -
The close-up of the cover (below) shows it cloth-bound, in-keeping with the Folio Society's published books.  Their illustration competition's remit called for a design using 2 or 3 colours only.  My idea was to depict the featured characters in Conrad's story with the Paddle Steamer fog-bound, anchored on the fast-flowing and treacherous Congo river, in imminent danger of attack by Savages -

The publisher's illustration competition presented the ideal opportunity for me to demonstrate a more traditional illustrative style.  He wrote the book 115 years ago from his own serialized short-story adventures that appeared first in magazines for readers hungry for knowledge about uncharted regions of the world. 

My entry also required 3 full page illustrations (scenes of my choosing). 
1st scene from Chapter 2, page 39.  Marlow (the river-boat Captain) learns of the kind of driven man the rogue Kurtz is, when he's told of Kurtz's return journey up river immediately after dropping off a record load of Ivory -

'I seemed to see Kurtz for the first time.'

2nd scene from Chapter 2, page 55.  Marlow's knackered Paddle Steamer under attack by those godless Savages as it navigates the snags in the river's fast currents -

'Arrows, by Jove! We were being shot at!'
3rd scene from Chapter 3, page 81.  At the Inner-Station, Marlow confronts the sick Kurtz crawling through the long grass while the Savages get increasingly more restless - 

'I came apon him, and, if he had not heard me coming, I would have fallen over him too.'
Never mind that Francis Ford Coppala plundered the book's narrative for his movie Apocalypse Now, this Fossil of a Ripping Yarn would have remained just that if it weren't still naggingly relevant today.  Set in what was then Belgium's colonial Congo with its loose imperialist morals, Conrad's exploration into 'the Horror' he witnessed there is still recognizable, if you share the collective guilt of the West's liberalist expansion of democracy - its mighty military industrial complex: NATO in league with off-shore multinationals' looting of raw materials from foreign sovereign states, motivated predominantly by private profit, and in cahoots with 'approved' media outlets, describes 'the Horror' as continued from the Heart of Darkness book. 

It's the Elephant-in-the-room, and tuskless as I feel its ignominy (as a jobbing Illustrator straddling the digital age of publishing) after paying my 25 quid fee for this futile opportunity to compete for their commission, to then discover the publisher's 'tweet' announcing only a cursory 'thank you to all those who took part' with link to their chosen 25 longlisted candidates ... My Horror! discovering my illustrations did not even make it that far set me to a task.  So, I have put up this G+Community page where my fellow losers can freely air their own illustrated interpretations of Conrad's fine masterpiece along side mine if they wish, and have a bit of collective moan-fest' too if they so choose.  Moral: We are all Publishers! 

Site polished up!

DoodlingJim's Folio site now has new livery and have re-evaluated every page in it so all my artwork is Show-room condition - Astonishing!

Have also done replaced my blog's old banner graphic with new Easter Island stone-heads, just because there's bugger all on telly - Astounding!